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    • Mon, Mar 2

      School District Meeting PM
      Board of Selectmen Meeting06:00 PM
    • Tue, Mar 10

      Town Meeting PM
      Planning Board Meeting07:00 PM
    • Mon, Mar 16

      Board of Selectmen Meeting06:00 PM
    • Tue, Mar 17

      Zoning Board Meeting07:00 PM
    • Tue, Mar 24

      Planning Board Meeting07:00 PM
Community Information
Community Information01.19.2015

Frequently Asked Questions removed from Town Report

FQA's can be found under Community, Files & Documents until March 2015.  F._A._Questions_removed_from_Town_Report.docx more

Community Information
Community Information01.13.2015

Andover Community Cable Channel 16 on TDS

Andover Community Cable Channel 16 on TDS!Andover Community Cable TV is now available on TDS Cable Channel 16 (as well as on Comcast Cable Channel 8). If you're a TDS cable subscriber and you aren't receiving anything on TDS Cable Channel 16, then turn off the power to your cable box; wait a co more

Community Information
Community Information11.25.2014

Run For Town Office in 2015

Run for Town Office in 2015! Your community needs you to step up!With Town Meeting coming up in March, it’s time to think about who’s going to fill all the positions in town government and in the school district to keep the wheels turning smoothly. The following is a run-down of what offices more

Board of Selectmen
Board of Selectmen10.22.2014

Andover Budget Committee Official Schedule 2014 - 2015

You will find the dates on the Town Calendar or you can view them all in the attached pdf


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Town Information
Town Information05.19.2014

Andover Town Report 2013

The Andover Town Report 2013 is now available online. Town Reports will not be mailed
(except by special request to 735-5332), so read it online here or pick one up at the Town Hall,
the post offices, the libraries, AE/MS, or the Transfer Station when the printed copies are available after Friday, February more

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